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Stollen-Zacharias® Award Winner

Annaberger Backwaren
Award winner 2000 / 2001/ 2002

The Stollen-Zacharias®, the coveted trophy for the director of the best "Stollen performance", rewards creative and successful PR campaigns, publicity ideas and marketing concepts directed at maintaining the image of the traditional Stollen.

Annaberger Backwaren, the market leader in the Erzgebirge and Southern Saxony, has for years, and without fail, consistently presented a perfect PR and marketing concept showing outstanding mastery of the ground rules for marketing Stollen regionally, nationally and internationally and therefore ensuring its commercial success.

Here, new ideas and the full orchestra of PR instruments have been used to create a lively landscape-based campaign concept serving as a model for all who have the continued good image of our traditional Stollen at heart. For its performance in all these areas the company was awarded the Stollen-Zacharias® in 2000 and 2001, and in 2002 the Ehren-Stollen-Zacharias®.

If the award is won three years in succession, the winner cannot take part again for two years. So it's time out for the Annaberger Stollen bakers. In 2005 we reached the final round of "Zacharias® Finale 2005".

Stollen-Zacharias® was named after the famous Saxon master baker, Johann Andreas Zacharias. In 1730 with his "60 baker's boys" he had baked the first giant Stollen in the "history of the world" for Augustus the Strong on the occasion of the "Zeithainer Lustlager". This weighed 1.8 tonnes. This gigantic piece of bakery was baked in a specially constructed oven and taken from the baking house to the camp of Augustus on the Mühlberg on a cart drawn by eight horses. There the giant Stollen was cut and distributed in portions to the numerous guests of the Saxon court. With this outstanding "baking" performance, the master baker Zacharias achieved the first spectacular "baking, public relations and marketing campaign" in the Stollen's long history.

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